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Auto Insurance

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When you have a comprehensive auto insurance policy in place, you can drive confidently on the roads knowing that you are protected from all possible perils. The right auto insurance policy will protect you and your car from fire, theft, bodily injury, medical expenses, property damage, and of course, car accidents. Depending on the coverage options you choose to obtain under your customized auto insurance policy, you may receive legal expense coverage as well.

Depending on the particular state in which you live, you will be required to obtain at least the minimum required auto insurance protection. Each motorist requires a unique amount of auto insurance coverage.

Common Auto Insurance Coverage Options Include:

  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Liability
  • Medical Payments
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist
  • Rental Reimbursement

Each individual motorist requires a unique auto insurance policy. Allow the insurance experts at Fuller Insurance Agency to provide you with guaranteed protection on the roads and customize an auto insurance policy that fulfills your insurance needs.

Motorcycle Insurance

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Whether your motorcycle is your main mode of transportation or you only ride on the weekends, the insurance experts at Fuller Insurance Agency are knowledgeable in insuring all motorcycle activities. As enjoyable as motorcycles can be, they are notoriously more risky than standard vehicles. Therefore, in order to receive peace of mind on the roads, you must have a motorcycle insurance policy that meets your exclusive needs.

The risky nature of motorcycles can automatically leave you with hefty premium amounts. However, with so many motorcycle insurance discounts available to you through our agency, we can ensure that you will receive optimal protection at an affordable rate. Peace of mind on the open road can be in your future with Fuller Insurance Agency by your side.

Classic Car Insurance

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Whether you are looking to insure your classic car, antique car, or collectible car, the insurance professionals at Fuller Insurance Agency can help provide you with the peace of mind necessary to fully enjoy your oldest, yet most enjoyable ride. As an insurance company that understands the bond an owner has with their classic, we are the right choice when it comes to insuring yours!

Classic car insurance policies must be carefully customized to meet the exclusive needs of the classic. The age of the vehicle, its condition, how much you plan to drive it, and where you plan to drive it are all taken into consideration when determining which coverage options you need.

We understand how difficult it is to trust the livelihood of your most beloved ride in someone else’s hands, which is why we will go above and beyond when insuring your classic until you are confident in its protection. Allow the experienced agents at Fuller Insurance Agency to provide your classic car with the protection it deserves.

classic car insurance los angeles

Off-road Vehicle Insurance

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Whether you are looking to insure your ATV, dirt bike, snowmobile, or golf cart, the insurance experts at Fuller Insurance Agency understand the importance of protecting your most enjoyable rides. Your off-road vehicle insurance policy will be directly dependent on your particular off-road vehicle driving habits. Do you only drive your dirt bike on the weekends at local arenas? Do you drive your golf cart around your neighborhood on a daily basis? No matter your particular use, we will go above and beyond to insure your specialized vehicle.

Allow Fuller Insurance Agency to safeguard your off-road vehicles to the fullest, with affordable insurance policies that maximize coverage.

los angeles off-road vehicle insurance

Boat Insurance

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In order to receive peace of mind on the open waters, you must have a comprehensive boat insurance policy that is customized to meet the exclusive needs of both you and your boat. Your insurance policy will be personalized depending on the navigational area in which you plan to boat, agreed value coverage, your liability risks, and the cost to repair or replace your boat.

Despite popular belief, you need as much, if not more insurance protection while out on the open waters. Without sufficient insurance coverage, you leave yourself, your boat, and your passengers vulnerable to harm.

Standard Boat Insurance Coverage Options Include:

  • Personal Liability
  • Boat
  • Motor
  • Trailer
  • Medical Expense
  • Physical Damage

 Optional Boat Insurance Coverage Options Include:

  • Replacement
  • Agreed Hull Value
  • Actual Cash Value
  • Liability

Your most exciting ride deserves unparalleled protection all year round. Allow the insurance experts at Fuller Insurance Agency to provide your boat with that guaranteed protection.