Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake Insurance

Despite common household belief, your homeowners insurance policy will not provide you with protection against earthquakes. Similarly, many homeowners wrongly assume that they do not need an earthquake insurance policy because they do not live in an area where earthquakes are common. However, all California residents can benefit from the security an earthquake insurance policy provides. Earthquakes are known to occur in nearly all 50 states and they rarely give fair warning.

Since you will not have time to collect your personal belongings and safeguard your home from earthquake damages, it only makes sense that you would obtain extra security through an earthquake insurance policy.

The insurance experts at Fuller Insurance Agency are always ready to go above and beyond for you to safeguard your most important investment, your home. Allow us to provide your home with increased security with an earthquake insurance policy.

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Earthquake Insurance

The definitions are only a general description of the coverage.
You must read your policy for actual definitions, limitations, and coverage limits as each has their own language and coverage limits.

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