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fixing your car after an accident

How Your Auto Repair Costs are Estimated After an Accident

Find out how your insurer determines your auto repair costs.

If you’ve been involved in a serious car accident, then you can rest assured knowing that your auto insurance in Los Angeles, California has your back.  Once you have filed a claim for the accident, your insurance company will work to determine your repair costs and ensure that you are covered.  Curious to learn how your insurer calculates your car’s repair expenses?  Then please read on.

  • The Role of Your Claims Adjuster and Appraiser

After you have filed a claim for an accident, you will give a statement to your claims adjuster.  You will recount the details of the accident and send them any information that you have (the other driver’s contact and insurance information, police report details, photos, and so on).  If you have coverage for your damages, then your adjuster will send out an appraiser to inspect your vehicle and officially document the extent of your car’s damage.

  • Appraiser Inspection

During their inspection, your appraiser will determine which auto parts need to be replaced and repaired.  Because your insurance will only offer coverage for the damages stemming directly from the accident, your appraiser will also check to make sure you have not made a claim for prior damage to your vehicle.

  • Repair Estimate

Based on the inspection, your appraiser will generate an itemized list of all parts and repairs that your car needs.  This list will also account for labor time and costs, paint time, and subtotals with tax.  The appraiser will add all these subtotals together and account for taxes to generate your repair estimate.  Please note that this sum is still a preliminary estimate; it’s possible that your costs will increase if the repair shop finds additional damages.  If this occurs, then the shop will submit a supplement for your insurance company to review.  So long as the damages are related to the accident, your insurer will work directly with the shop to arrange the repairs.

This is how your insurance provider will calculate your car repair costs.  Are you curious to learn more about car accidents and your auto insurance in Los Angeles, California?  If so, then contact the experts at Fuller Insurance Agency in Southern California.  Our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your coverage needs today.

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