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28 August, 2020 0

A Systematic Approach to Dealing with a Parked Car Accident

Most people are highly protective of their vehicle, and they won’t take even small damage to their car lightly. The event is way more painful if this happens for no fault of yours when you might find that your parked car is damaged or hit.

However, you do not need to panic, as this type of accident is common and easy to deal with. Here is a step-by-step approach to tackle such a situation.

Collect Important Data

If you witness the accident, be calm and reach out to the at-fault driver to collect important details such as their name, contact, and insurance details. If the driver has left you a note, call them up for more information about the accident.

If you are not present during the accident, look around for witnesses. This is particularly helpful in collecting information if the driver has left the place.

Call the Police and Document the Event

Although no one usually gets hurt in a parked car hitaccident, you need to contact the police once you have the required information about the incident. The police will have access to CCTV footage to help you understand what happened (especially if you are not present during the accident).

Many states require a copy of the police complaint to process the insurance claim. Also, take ample photographs of the accident (including number plate and other details of the at-fault vehicle) and have detailed documentation ready for the insurance claim processing.

Contact your Insurance Agency

The cost you need to repair your car should be covered by the driver’s insurance who has caused the damage. However, if the driver as fled the scene, your insurance will still cover the loss if it has uninsured motorist coverage or collision coverage.

Even if the other person’s car insurance covers the loss or damage, it is still a good idea to contact your insurance service provider. They will help you file the claim. If you are looking for guidance regarding your car insurance, contact the experts at Fuller Insurance in Southern California.

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