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2 February, 2015 0

Whose Insurance Protects Your Road Trip?

When Your Friend Is Behind The Wheel Of Your Car, Is He Or She Covered?

The New Year brings a surplus of new opportunities and an influx of energy to help you actually pursue some of them. If the start of 2015 brings plans to take to the road for a road trip, you and your friends are likely excited enough about the journey that the planning is enjoyable. Have you thought yet about the logistical details, though? For example, if you end up being the one to volunteer your car for the voyage, do you know how your auto insurance will apply to each leg of the journey?

Fortunately, your auto insurance travels with your vehicle. That means that if you pass your keys over to your friend who is uninsured or underinsured and he or she gets into an accident, your policy will be the one to step in and cover the associated expenses. This also means, however, that when you let your friend drive, even for an hour, you are entrusting him or her with your insurance coverage as well as your car. Consequently, you should make sure that every person who gets behind the wheel of your vehicle, even if you are in the passenger seat to supervise, is a currently licensed driver with a safe driving history.

If your friends volunteer their vehicles for the journey, make sure you use the same caution you would with your own car. Before you buckle up in the driver’s seat, make sure the car is registered and insured. You would not want to be stuck in the expensive situation of paying for damages after getting into an accident in an uninsured vehicle.

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