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What to Do to Deal with Business Interruptions

How to handle a business interruption event.

During a business interruption, your company will not have revenue coming in as usual.  Naturally, business owners want to work past interruptions as soon as possible.  Not sure how you can help this process go faster?  Then here’s how you should handle a business interruption event.

  • Evacuation Plan: Your evacuation plan should cover how your employees and customers will safely exit your building. It should also detail where everyone will meet up after the evacuation and how to ensure that no one was left behind.  Once you have created your evacuation plan, make sure your staff practices it several times, so they know what to do when a real emergency strikes.
  • Crisis Communication Plan: Your crisis communication plan will lay out how to maintain communication with your business’s relevant parties. Your plan should name a different spokesperson for each of the parties that your business needs to communicate with.  For instance, you will need a spokesperson for your employees, customers, suppliers, and so on.  When each party has a single point of contact, communication can flow in a more organized and efficient manner.
  • Business Continuity Plan: Finally, your business continuity plan will discuss how to deal with current contracts and deadlines. For instance, your plan should detail how to fulfill existing business deals despite the delay a disaster might have caused.  Additionally, this plan should also explain how to salvage relationships in the event that deadlines cannot be met.

These are some of the things that you can do to handle a business interruption.  Having the right commercial insurance is another way to help your business survive an interruption.  Need help with your business insurance?  Then contact the experts at Fuller Insurance Agency in Southern California for assistance today.

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