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23 March, 2015 0

Top Tips For Motorcycle Safety

Protect Yourself And Your Bike With This Guide

All of the things that make your motorcycle your preferred mode of transportation—the fresh air on your skin, the sunshine glowing around you, the increased versatility and ability to skip traffic—make your motorcycle more dangerous to drive than a car. Fortunately, you can do a few things to protect yourself.

• Choose The Right Equipment: Your brain is fragile, so why would you leave its protection to a novelty helmet? When you choose your protective headgear, make sure that it was approved by the Department of Transportation.

• Get Defensive: Never assume that a car sees you. Always drive cautiously and be ready to avoid a collision at the drop of a hat.

• Check The Weather: Because your bike lacks windshield wipers and has two less tires to grip the road, it is much more dangerous to navigate during the rain than a car. If you absolutely have to drive in the rain, try to wait as long as you can. When the road first gets wet, all of the oils and residue on it combine to make it slick. After a while, the rain will wash those away, making it safer.

• Make Space: Just because you are smaller does not mean you should leave less following distance than a car would. Give yourself much more space than you think you will need and you can avoid having to slam on your brakes. You would not want to deal with the difficulty of maneuvering your bike if your brakes lock up after a sudden stop.

Should the worst happen and you get into an accident on your bike, would you be protected? For all of your motorcycle insurance needs, contact Fuller Insurance. Serving Chino Hills, Long Beach, Seal Beach, Los Angeles, and all of California, our team of experts is here to safeguard you even as you implement these safety tips.

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