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21 March, 2019 0
choosing the right motorcycle insurance

Tips to Help You Secure the Right Motorcycle Insurance

Securing the comprehensive motorcycle insurance that you need to stay safe.

If you own a motorcycle or are planning to buy one in the near future, then securing the right motorcycle insurance in Los Angeles, California is probably weighing on your mind.  Not sure where you should start when it comes to securing the right coverage?  Then try out these suggestions to help you get the coverage that you need today.

Buy in Advance

Securing motorcycle insurance before you need it is a great way to save money on your policy.  For instance, if you are planning on buying your first motorcycle in April, then make sure you get insurance sometime in March.  When insurers see that you are being responsible, they will consider you a lower-risk rider.  This could allow you to access lower insurance rates.  Additionally, you will save money because buying in advance helps insurance companies protect against fraud.  When you purchase a policy ahead of time, insurance companies know that you will not attempt to file a claim for an accident that you have already had.  This, in turn, will also categorize you as low risk and help you save money.

Understand Your Settlement Options

When it comes to your collision and comprehensive coverage, you have three different settlement options to consider.

  • Actual cash value is the most common settlement option, and it is based on your bike’s value minus depreciation. If your bike is considered a total loss, then your insurance company will compensate you for your bike’s market value at the time of your claim.
  • Replacement cost settlements will pay for a brand-new motorcycle without factoring in depreciation. This settlement option is most highly recommended if you have recently purchased a new bike.
  • Agreed value settlements are the best options for people who own classic, custom, or highly-accessorized bikes. With this settlement option, you and your insurer will determine a value for your bike.  In the event of a total loss, your insurer will compensate you for this previously determined amount.

Try out these suggestions to help you secure the right motorcycle insurance in Los Angeles, California.  Do you have additional questions regarding your motorcycle or car coverage needs?  If so, then contact the team at Fuller Insurance in Southern California.  We are eager to assist you with all your insurance needs today.

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