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18 October, 2018 0
prepping your business for an emergency

Tips for Getting Your Business Ready for an Emergency Situation

Learn how you can create a good emergency response plan for your company.

Because a natural disaster or emergency situation can unfold with very little warning, it’s important to be proactive and have an emergency response plan that your business can immediately put into place.  Not sure what an emergency response plan entails?  From planning an emergency evacuation to securing the right commercial insurance in Los Angeles, California, here are some of the essential steps to take while preparing your business for an emergency.

Creating Your Emergency Response Plan

When it comes to creating an emergency response plan for your company, there are three essential things that you need to address: emergency evacuation, crises communications, and business continuity.  Here is a detailed explanation of what each component of your plan should include.

  • Emergency Evacuation: Your emergency evacuation plan should cover how to safely get employees and customers out of your building, where to meet after an evacuation, and how to ensure that everyone has gotten out. Once you have created an evacuation plan for your business, make sure your employees practice it several times.  This way they will know what to do during an actual evacuation situation.
  • Crisis Communications: You should also have a plan for re-establishing communication with all the parties relevant to your company immediately after the crisis. To keep lines of communication open and organized, you should assign a different spokesperson to handle communication with your employees, customers, suppliers, and so on.  This way you can better control and tailor the information that you disseminate to each party.
  • Business Continuity: Finally, you should have a plan for getting your business’s operations back on track after the delay that an emergency event might have caused. Additionally, you should have some strategies for salvaging business relationships in the event that you are unable to meet deadlines or the terms of a contract due to the delays caused by an emergency situation.

Securing the Right Insurance

Having the right coverage for your business is another way to prepare for an emergency.  You should speak to an insurance expert to create the best coverage plan for your business.  If you are preparing for a natural disaster, then you should ask your agent about commercial property, business interruption, flood, earthquake, and other coverages.

These are some of the steps that you should take to get your business ready for an emergency.  Interested in securing the right commercial insurance in Los Angeles, California?  Then contact the experts at Fuller Insurance Agency.  We are ready to assist you with all your coverage needs today.

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