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Defensive Driving Tips to Maintain Safety on the Road

Driving on city streets or highways requires defensive driving to maximize safety. Engaging in activities such as speeding or sharp turns can put you and others at risk of getting into an accident, being cited, and paying higher insurance premiums. Here are a few essential defensive driving tips to help maintain a clean record and practice public safety.

1. Focus on Driving Without Distractions

One of the most basic defensive driving techniques is staying focused on the road ahead and what’s in your rearview mirror. Don’t let distractions from passengers, the radio, or your smartphone affect your driving behavior. Studies show that driving distractions, especially with talking on mobile devices, is a leading cause of accidents. All it takes is a few seconds of taking your eyes off the road to get in a serious collision.

Most states have passed laws against talking on a smartphone while driving. Yet people do it anyway only to pay the price of expensive fines. If you need to talk with someone on the phone, pull over before making or answering the call. Don’t risk putting yourself and others in danger since safe driving requires a complete focus on traffic and road conditions.

2. Don’t Be Aggressive

Another priority in safe driving practices is to avoid any type of aggressive driving that could put you, your passengers, and others in danger. Challenging other drivers can potentially invite a high-speed disaster. When someone cuts you off or speeds in front of you, forget about getting revenge and just maintain your cool. Aggressive driving can frighten others on the road and create a chain reaction of collisions. Forget about all the macho drivers you’ve seen in movies, and don’t try to prove you’re the king of the road. Relax and concentrate on the goal of getting to your destination safely.

3. Look Left and Right When Approaching Intersections

Never assume when approaching an intersection that other drivers will automatically obey the law and give you the right of way. Make sure you look both ways when passing an intersection or starting to advance from a stopped position. The same is true when you are making a right or left turn. You never know if a drunk is driving in the wrong direction, especially at night. Be aware of pedestrians at crosswalks, as you should never make a right turn at a stop sign or red light without stopping or looking right.

4. Watch Out for Unsafe Drivers

Even if you consider yourself to be the world’s safest driver, you still have to watch out for unsafe drivers who might cause accidents. Late night drunk drivers aren’t the only problem to worry about. Elderly drivers with poor vision or judgment can easily cause accidents as well. Sometimes a perfectly respectable law-abiding citizen can lose control of their vehicle due to faulty brakes or a blown tire.

Another type of unsafe driver is someone who forgets to turn their headlines on at night. Remember that even safe driving can be hindered by potholes or obstructions in the road. Don’t assume your safe driving skills are all that matter.

5. Be Aware of Your Insurance Policy

A good reason to follow these defensive driving tips is to keep your insurance rates within your normal budget. Expect to pay much higher costs if you get a series of speeding tickets or cause an accident. Read your policy carefully to make sure your coverage is compliant with state law, and you understand why driving responsibly matters.

Following the above defensive driving tips will keep streets safer and yourself from getting stung by higher auto insurance rates. Contact the experts at Fuller Insurance in Southern California today for more information on how to maintain affordable insurance rates.

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