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27 February, 2015 0

The Benefits Of BYOD

How Using Personal Devices In The Workplace Could Serve Your Business

In our increasingly digitized age, we are all increasingly connected. The birth of the Smartphone has brought a shift in our culture that allows us to stay connected and informed 24/7. You likely enjoy this in your personal life, but may have been frustrated with employees using their personal devices during the workday. Before you try to cut out the use of personal devices on the job, consider these benefits of letting BYOD (bring your own device) be a part of your company culture.

o Productivity: Although you may find it annoying that your employee responds to a personal text during business hours, you will also likely be pleasantly surprised that he or she will respond to a quick work email after hours. By allowing employees to have their own devices and use them for work, you encourage the mindset of being productive on and off the job site.

o Savings: Studies show that the cost of providing an employee with a mobile device for work is $600 a year. By allowing your employees to use their own devices, you slash that cost.

o Morale: Statistically speaking, employee who can use their personal devices are more satisfied at work. Allowing your team to use the devices with which they are already accustomed makes their workday that much easier, and that ease translates to job satisfaction.

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