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thanksgiving safety tips

Safety Tips for Homeowners to Stay Safer This Thanksgiving

Despite the fun surrounding Thanksgiving, this traditional holiday is one of the most dangerous days of the year for homeowners. Many people are aware that holidays generally generate more traffic accidents than usual, so they stay home as a solution to be safe. But home accidents often spike on Thanksgiving due to cooking fires, drunkenness and other party-related risks. Here are some important Thanksgiving safety tips to keep in mind.

How to Prevent Home Fire Accidents

Cooking turns out to be the leading cause of fires at home on festive holidays such as Thanksgiving. Therefore, when cooking, always be aware of the oven, stove, or other heating devices. Don’t leave food unattended for long periods of time, which can happen when there’s a ball game on TV in another room full of guests. Always be aware when you have guests over that you have a responsibility to ensure their safety as well as your own.

Even though modern cooking equipment has smart technology that monitors temperature with built-in safety devices and timers, not everyone has up-to-date cooking appliances. Older stoves and ovens can cause a fire if you throw food in the oven at a high temperature then forget about it. Deep frying equipment is particularly dangerous if used in the kitchen instead of outdoors. The use of any such high-temperature equipment should be kept far away from dry leaves or flammable structures.

Fires can also start from old or improper wiring. If you live in a wilderness area or have trees on your property, it’s good practice to rake up dry leaves and remove them from your yard. All it takes is one careless person to throw a lit match on the ground to start a slow-burning fire.

Taking Safety Precautions Around the Home

One of the most important Thanksgiving safety tips to keep in mind is to make sure all systems involving heat, electricity, and security are working properly. This equipment includes your HVAC system, cooking appliances, and smoke alarms. So conduct a home inspection of appliances and other electrical systems to make sure everything is operating safely. If you find a bare wire, replace it immediately since it can create sparks that spread and start fires.

Make sure you have a fire extinguisher available in case flames do break out. It’s also wise to keep a flashlight on hand for maximum safety in case a fire develops in a dark area of the home such as an attic, basement, garage or closet. Knowing where you keep a first aid kit is also advantageous to reduce injury risks. Here are some other tips for home safety:

• avoid wearing loose clothing while cooking
• keep children away from cooking equipment
• be careful who has access to knives in the kitchen
• don’t allow guests to drink excessive alcohol
• if someone is drunk, offer them a place to stay for the night

Preventing Holiday Theft

Holidays are considered prime theft opportunities by burglars. You can reduce the risks of a burglary using alarm systems connected with law enforcement, security cameras, or warning signs that deter crime. Keep your home well lit at night and avoid leaving your driveway empty. Let the postal delivery service know not to let mail overflow from your mailbox.

Tips on Safe Travel

In addition to protecting yourself and others at home gatherings, you need to be aware of Thanksgiving travel safety tips if you plan on celebrating at someone else’s home. When you’re away from your home for an extended time, let neighbors know about the time frame you’ll be gone. Notify neighbors about the time your home will be vacant.

These Thanksgiving safety tips will help you avoid fiascos so you can enjoy your celebration with family and friends. To learn more about creating a safe home environment, contact the experts at Fuller Insurance in Southern California today.

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