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30 November, 2017 0
Save on Electricity Costs This Winter, building insurance in Los Angeles, California

Save on Electricity Costs This Winter

In addition to having the right building insurance in Los Angeles, California to fit your budget, these tips will save you money on your building’s electricity bill this winter.

While finding the right building insurance in Los Angeles, California is a great way to save money, it’s not the only thing you can do to reduce your building’s expenses this year.  Another way you can save is by lowering your building’s electricity costs.  Follow these tips to save on your next electricity bill.

1) Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

New technology, such a LED lights, are a much more energy efficient way to light up your building.  For instance, a 40-watt LED light bulb uses approximately 85% less energy than a standard light bulb.  While LED bulbs come at a higher price, many building owners find that they are worth the investment.  LED bulbs tend to last longer and are considerably cheaper to power than standard bulbs.  Simply switching over to LED lights could reduce your electricity costs dramatically.

2) Adjust Your Thermostat

Another way that you can save on your electricity bill is by turning down the heat in your building’s lobby and common areas.  If you own an apartment building, then people are constantly walking in and out of your building’s front door.  This consistent opening of the door makes it difficult to maintain the internal temperature in your building.  This winter, simply turn down your thermostat.  This will save you money on electricity and chances are no one will really notice anyway.

3) Invest in Smart Power Strips

Vampire energy is the energy that devices use when they are plugged in but not operational.  Electronics such as computers are some of the worst offenders.  While newer devices now have the capability to shut down completely and prevent vampire energy charges, older devices do not have the same safeguards.  This means that your plugged-in devices could be adding to your electricity bill every month.  In order to save money, you should invest in smart power strips.  These power strips will prevent vampire energy charges and are an easy way to reduce your electricity costs.

Try out these tips to save on your building’s electricity costs this winter.  Remember, another way to save is by having the right building insurance in Los Angeles, California to fit your budget.  To find the right policy for your needs, contact the professionals at Fuller Insurance Agency in Southern California.  Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with all your insurance needs.

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