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12 January, 2015 0

Safety Tips For Winter Driving

Be Prepared On The Roadways This Month

Since the weather in Southern California does not fluctuate much, it can be tempting to ignore the need to be prepared for winter driving. Sure, we will not see snow-packed roadways but that does not mean we should not be ready for less than ideal road conditions. Be prepared for any situation behind the wheel with these tips:

o If weather is poor, drive with your headlights on. This will enable oncoming traffic to have more time to prepare before encountering your vehicle.

o Understand your brake system. If your vehicle has an antilock braking system, your car will automatically pump your brakes to avoid them locking up and losing traction. If you do not have antilock brakes, do not slam on your brakes if you start skidding. This will likely lead you to hydroplane. Rather, gently pump your brakes and steer gradually in the direction of the slide until you get your vehicle under control again.

o To avoid losing traction on the road, make sure your tire tread is in tact. You can easily do this with the change in your back pocket. If you place a penny in your tire’s tread and it does not touch Lincoln’s head, your tires are considered legally worn. For better tread in rainy conditions, however, you should use a quarter to check your tread. If the tread touches Washington’s head, you tires should be able to grip wet roadways.

o Check your wiper blades. New blades are affordable and can make a huge difference when confronting a rainy day.

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