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questions when touring a house

Questions You Should Ask When Touring a House on Video Call

With everything under lockdown, virtually touring a house is a possibility. But as exciting as it sounds, a house tour on a video call has its own disadvantages, and you want to ensure that you aren’t missing out on any of the details.

Here are some questions to ask when touring a house:

1.  Is Anything Potentially Damaged?

Inspect the important parts of the house, such as the wooden furnishing, the main walls, and plumbing to ensure that nothing is damaged. You can’t check these things from a video alone, so request your agent to show you these areas. Also, be sure to check for mold or damp in any part of the walls.

2. What’s the View Like?

The view you wake up to every morning is important! While touring a house on a video chat, make sure you ask your agent to move the blinds and show you what lies outside every window.

3. What Are the Noise Levels?

A noisy neighborhood is far from ideal, especially if you have small children, heart conditions, or a tendency for stress-induced anxiety. Ask your agent on the house tour how much noise can be heard from inside the house.

4. How Old Are the Kitchen Appliances?

The lifespan of kitchen appliances is not extremely long, and old appliances might stop working at any time. To prevent a huge renovation expense in the future, check their age and get them replaced before your purchase.

5. Where Is the Natural Light Coming From?

Asking about sunlight in every room might sound silly, but it’s important if you don’t want a gloomy home. Check which direction the light comes from in your house. You can get a sense of this while touring a house on a video call, but it’s better to ask your agent as well.

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