12 May, 2015 0

Outlining Your Security Options

How You Can Use Technology To Protect Your Home

Just a few years ago, only the rich and famous could afford to have security cameras monitoring their houses. We plebeians were left to deadbolt our doors and hope no sneaky thieves wormed their ways into our homes. Fortunately, technological advancements are making improved security measures more readily available and more affordable. Here are a few security options even the average Joe can afford.

• Cameras: There is no longer a need to have hundreds of feet of wiring installed in order to set up video monitoring around your home. Today’s security cameras are wireless and compact, making them easy to install and easy to hide. Many are even motion activated, only turning on when there is activity so you can use less energy and storage space.

• Locks: Soon, the days where you needed to hide a key under a rock and hope that no ill-wisher finds it will be gone. Keyless entry systems allow you to set a code on your lock so that your trusted handyman can get into your home without a key. You can even change the code the next day, better protecting yourself. These systems can also come in handy because they can auto-lock after a time or be activated by a Smartphone, meaning that if you forget to lock your home when you leave for work you can have it locked by the time you get to the office.

• Automation: With new technologies, you can turn lights in your home on and off from your Smartphone, making it easier for you to give your home the appearance of being inhabited even while you are away.

Should the worst happen and even these advanced security measures fail, is your personal property protected? To get the homeowners insurance you need to ensure no thief can ever make away with your quality of life, contact Fuller Insurance. Whether you live in Chino Hills, Long Beach, Seal Beach, Los Angeles, or elsewhere in California, we are here to help safeguard you and your belongings.

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