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20 March, 2018 0
avoid homeowners insurance claims

Learn How Spring Cleaning Can Help You Avoid Insurance Claims

Find out how spring cleaning maintenance tasks can reduce your chances of filing an insurance claims.

Spring is officially here and for many people this means that it’s time to get cleaning.  While spring cleaning certainly makes your home feel fresher and look better, did you know that it can also help you with your homeowners insurance in Southern California?  Here are some of the ways that spring cleaning can help you cut down on your home insurance claims.

Protect Against Leaks and Roof Damage

One home maintenance task you should complete while spring cleaning is clearing out your home’s gutters.  Clearing out the accumulated debris will ensure that your gutters do not become clogged.  If you do not clean out you gutters, then your gutters can overflow, resulting in leaks and other water damages to your home’s roof.

Reduce Fire Risk

Surprisingly, accumulations of dust and old paper products have caused more house fires than you might think.  That’s why you should be sure to clear away dust and old newspapers and magazines that have accumulated throughout the winter months.  Pay particular attention to areas where dust tends to accumulate, such as underneath your ned, behind your fridge, and so on.  When dealing with old periodicals, save the articles you are interested in and simply recycle the rest to clear your home of these fire hazards.

Address Liability Issues

Finally, spring cleaning can also prevent liability issues.  Winter weather can result in hazards such as cracks and irregularities in the walkways leading to your home.  If someone were to trip and injure themselves, then this could result in a personal liability issue for you.  That’s why you take the time to address these issues and make sure that your property is relatively hazard-free as you spring clean.

These are some of the ways that spring cleaning can help you avoid filing insurance claims.  Are you looking for the right homeowners insurance for you this spring?  Then contact us at Fuller Insurance Agency.  Located in Southern California, we are eager to assist you with all your coverage needs.

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