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Commercial Property

Commercial Property

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  • Office Complex
  • Retail Center
  • Commercial Condo
  • Warehouse
  • Business Park
  • Industrial Complex

Our commercial property insurance policies are customized to meet the exclusive needs of the lanlords, property owners and tenants.

Questions You Should Ask

  • Who buys your insurance protection?
  • Who is responsible for all or some of your insurance coverage on your Commercial Building?
  • Are you fully covered and/or are you in compliance with your leasing obligations?
  • Do you know what coverage’s you need?
  • What are you paying for on your present policy?
  • Does your property management company pick your policy for you each year, and do you know what is covered?

Depending on the answer… don’t wait until you have a loss to find out what coverage you should have purchased for pennies. Each type of Commercial Property and leases has their own unique set of insurable issues, which must be addressed and understood. For Example:

Questions you should ask to help protect your valued assets:

  1. 1. Do my triple net lease tenants carry adequate insurance coverage?
  2. 2. Do I have enough liability coverage to protect my assets in the event of a lawsuit?
  3. 3. Do all of my tenants carry general liability coverage?
  4. 4. Is my building replacement coverage adequate?
  5. 5. How long does my loss of business income coverage last after a loss occurs?

What Fuller Insurance can do for you

  • Analyze your current insurance coverage to identify any gaps in coverage and ensure that all lease requirements are met.
  • Calculate the replacement cost of your building to keep current with the replacement cost of your property.
  • Create a database detailing the property specification on each location to better manage the property each year.
  • Provide loss control support.
  • Conduct annual reviews of coverage and provide comparison quotes with industry leaders.
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