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11 December, 2020 0

COVID-19 How to Manage Stress Around the Holidays

This holiday season is a complex mix of cheer and stress for many people. The pandemic has increased stress levels in 2020 due to the threat of spreading COVID-19, along with the economic effects of the shutdown. On top of that is the pressure to ensure social distancing at all office or even home holiday gatherings. Here are helpful points to help manage stress during holidays, especially through the pandemic.

  1. Facing Financial Pressure

One of the big drivers of stress during the pandemic has been financial uncertainty. Unemployment skyrocketed early on during the shutdowns across America. Although new jobs have been created for work at home opportunities, many traditional jobs and small businesses have been wiped out. Shutting down businesses has been a major cause of this economic turmoil, but it was necessary to reduce the spread of the virus.

For the people who lost their jobs and tried to stretch their $1200 stimulus check as far as possible, the 2020 holiday season has led to the stress of not being able to spend much on Christmas gifts. Many individuals have been forced to pay attention to their own expenses first. Going on shopping sprees with credit cards was viable in the past, but this season many people have to face much tighter spending.

To deal with stress during holidays, it’s a good idea to look at your finances carefully and have a clear vision of what you can and can’t afford. Remember that Christmas gifts don’t have to be store-bought items. You can save a lot of money on holiday shopping by sharing nice thoughts with friends and family through email.

  1. Overcoming Stress Through Giving

Another way to avoid stress in holidays is to stop thinking about what people might give you and focus on what you can give to people. Giving, of course, doesn’t necessarily mean spending money at the mall. Instead, go through your closet and garage to find old items you don’t use anymore and consider donating them to charity. Many times used items in good condition can be exciting to people who are too economically challenged to treat themselves to such items.

The act of giving to others creates a positive experience. That’s one of the most important points to remember when it comes to stress management. The feeling of giving creates energy and spreads happiness to others.

  1. Practicing Social Distance for Safety

Finally, you can manage stress during holidays by practicing social distancing to protect against the pandemic. If you plan to have guests at your home to celebrate the holidays, let each guest know beforehand to bring a mask and keep a ten-foot distance from others. Even though social distancing seems counterproductive to unifying a group under normal circumstances, most people will accept your party rules due to the pandemic.

Part of the stress arising from the pandemic is its unknown origins and how long it will last. Try to accept that it’s simply a reality you cannot control. The more you focus on areas you can control, the more you can transform stressful energy into confident energy.

Don’t worry about how parties of the past had to be as big and loud as possible to have a good time. This particular holiday season calls for more minimalistic gatherings that don’t rely on crowd energy. So while it’s understandable that some people will view smaller gatherings as less exciting than normal, it’s very important to stay focused on group safety. Double-check your home insurance coverage to be clear on liability issues.

You can avoid stress in holidays by seeing past the drawbacks of the 2020 pandemic. Use the experience to meet new challenges while keeping your holiday celebrations safe. To learn more about selecting the most appropriate policy for your needs, contact the experts at Fuller Insurance in Southern California today.

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