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16 February, 2015 0

Home & Auto Maintenance Tips

Use This Guide To Keep Your Biggest Investments In Top Shape This Winter

You have invested significant money in your vehicles and your home. In fact, these are probably the most important purchases you will ever make. Consequently, maintaining them should be a priority. Because sometimes life just gets in the way, having a checklist to guide your maintenance and ensure you do not forget anything can be helpful. To keep your home and vehicles in top shape, perform these tasks this winter.

o Check your furnace filters. Replace them as necessary to keep your home safe and reduce your utility bills.
o Make sure that your outdoor furniture is protected. Get covers to guard it from the harsher temperatures and increased precipitation in the winter months, or consider moving it inside.
o Bring in a professional to clean out your dryer’s exhaust hose and outside vent. While you are at it, vacuum the coils on your other appliances.
o Check your tire tread. If you put a penny in the tread upside down and the top of the tread does not reach the top of Lincoln’s head, your tires are too worn and you should replace them.
o Make sure your tires have the proper air pressure. Colder air can cause their psi to drop, leaving you with less traction.
o Create an emergency kit to keep in your car with first aid materials, layers of warm clothing, and non-perishable food items.

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