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16 August, 2016 0
Emoji Etiquette Tips to Use Technology Wisely

Learn How to Use Technology Wisely with These Emoji Etiquette Tips

Emoji etiquette tips to help you maximize your digital usage.

Nowadays it seems as if everyone is on some sort of digital device. From cellphones to tablets, portable technology comes everywhere with us. Along with our digital devices come a new way of communicating. Emojis, or special characters that convey specific emotions, are all the rage. No longer are you restricted to smiley faces, but you have a whole world of emojis out there. However, with so many types of operating systems, it’s easy for emojis to get lost in translation. Prevent any emoji mishaps and check out these emoji etiquette tips.

Set the Tone.

When sending an emoji, it’s best to communicate the tone of the text before adding in your emoji. Written communication can be construed in a variety of ways. Adding an emoji can help to communicate the way you intended your message to be read. Use an emoji that depicts an emotion before you send any symbols.

Proper Placement.

Use your emojis sparingly and put them in the right places. Think of emojis as extra punctuation. Put them at the end of a sentence so that they’re still relevant to your sentence. This way they don’t distract the reader from reading what you’re trying to communicate.

Use Your Best Judgment.

Be smart about your emoji use. Use them only when the occasion calls for them. Only use them with people that you know well and when the time calls for it. Don’t use them in serious conversations, and don’t send them to your boss or coworkers, unless they first initiate the use of emojis. However, keep your emoji use short, simple, and always workplace appropriate.

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