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7-Day Summer Maintenance Tasks for Your Home

Summer Maintenance Tasks for Your Home

Your home is the most important part of your life. You need to maintain it regularly to avoid emergency repairs and breakdowns. What’s more, regular upkeep can lower your utility bills and enhance the value of your property.

So what kind of maintenance does a house need? Here’s a 7-day guide to some important home maintenance tasks which you can follow during the summer.

Day 1: Check Batteries

Replace the old batteries on your essential home gadgets and keep track of their dates. Make sure the fire alarm, smoke detector, and other appliances are working properly.

Day 2: Examine Cooling Units

Wipe the dust on ceiling fans and ventilators with a damp cloth. In the case of air conditioners, pay close attention to the filters, and clean the coils.

Day 3: Clean Your Refrigerator

Clean all the nooks and crannies of your refrigerator and check for any leakages.

Day 4: Toilet and Bathroom

If your showerheads are speckled with dirt or mineral deposits, you can wipe them with vinegar. Clean the drainage system and wax the bathroom floors. Polish your faucets and make sure your water is running properly.

Day 5: Deck and Porch

This summer, your home maintenance tasks list should include cleaning your deck and porch. Sweep the dust off thoroughly and stain the wood. You can also give it a fresh coat of paint if needed.

Day 6: Look After the Garden

Tend to your plants and shrubs by mixing in some fertilizer and watering them regularly. Trim the unwanted leaves and dig out weeds. Check if your backyard has any vermin or moles.

Day 7: Final Sweep

Take a last look around at your house. Make sure everything is up to speed, and you haven’t missed out on any of your tasks.

These are some handy home maintenance tips for summer. The right homeowners insurance can act as the ultimate way to care for your home. Contact the experts at Fuller Insurance Agency in Southern California. We are ready to assist you with all your coverage needs today.

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