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8 May, 2015 0

Cultivating Safety Near Construction Sites

Use This Guide To Protect Yourself And Others

As Californians know all too well, construction on the road is a fact of life. While it may interrupt your morning commute, it can become much more than a minor inconvenience if you do not practice proper safety techniques around a work zone. To avoid injuring a worker or damaging your vehicle, keep these safety tips in mind.

• Keep Your Distance: About 30 percent of the accidents that happen in a work zone are rear end collisions. Leave more following distance than you think you actually need so that you will be prepared for the sudden stops that often occur near a construction site.

• Maintain Focus: It can be tempting to take your eyes off the road and check out the changes happening. Refrain, keeping your focus and keeping up with the vehicles ahead to avoid slowing down the flow of traffic or, worse yet, causing an accident.

• Slow Down: Over a third of work zone fatalities are caused by someone speeding. Even if you do not see work going on at the moment, obey the posted speed limit signs. Slowing down gives you more time to react, which could save a life.

• Prepare Yourself: Knowing about the delays before you hit them can help you wait them out patiently. Check the traffic report before you head out so you will have knowledge of construction happening on your journey. This will also help you know if you should leave earlier because that work is slowing traffic.

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