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Commonly Stolen Items In Home Burglaries Chino Hills CA

What are the Most Commonly Stolen Items in Home Burglaries? Be Sure to Protect Your Valuables!

Burglars look for these most common items. Keep them safe with these tips!

When burglars break and enter, they’re looking for valuables. Make sure that your valuables are secure in the event of a burglary. Check out these most common items stolen in burglaries and tips on how you can protect them.


Do you keep large sums of cash in your home? Think twice about keeping so much money sitting in your home. Cash is one of the most commonly sought after items during a burglary. The average burglar starts their search in the master bedroom. From drawers to closets, they know where to look. Make sure to pick an unusual space to hide your money or invest in a safe that’s bolted to the floor. Better yet, don’t keep large sums of cash laying around the house. Leave it in your bank account!


Jewelry is another prime target in home burglaries. You wear your jewelry often so you leave it out for ease of access, but that makes it a prime target in home burglaries. Keep your jewelry under lock and key.  While it’s not as convenient keeping it on your nightstand, put it away in a safe.


Your home is riddled with electronics. From your computer to your flat screen TV to your Xbox, your electronics are fair game and they’re commonly stolen in home burglaries. Make sure to store your electronics in a safe place. When you keep them out of sight, you increase their security. For larger items, be sure to secure them to either the wall or the floor. It’s much harder to grab something that’s attached to your home.


From your banking information to your passport, thieves aren’t just looking for a laptop and a diamond ring. Home burglaries also frequently result in identity theft. Make sure to password protect your laptop and store all your personal documents such as birth certificates, passports, and social security numbers in a secure place.

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