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Celebrating Mother’s Day During COVID- 19

Amidst social distancing during this pandemic, it may not be possible to pamper your mom with a lavish dinner, spa session, or lunch at her favorite café. However, you can still appreciate one of the most special women in several other ways.

Here are some ways to make Mother’s Day memorable for your mom:

  • Sign Her up for an Online Masterclass

Does your mother want to learn to paint or cook like a master chef? If there’s something she has been putting away for tomorrow, help her do it now by signing her up for a masterclass or buy her a course on Skillshare so that she can pursue her hobby.

  • A Subscription to Her Favorite Magazine

Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, Woman’s Day, and Cosmopolitan – does your mom enjoy any of these magazines on home, health, food, or beauty? If so, get her a one-year subscription to make sure she never misses out on an issue.

If your mom is not into magazines, you could also buy her some e-books or an audiobook membership – whatever she enjoys more.

  • Set up a Virtual House Party

Yes, you can’t be together in person, but you can always bring the bunch together on Zoom, House Party, or FaceTime and enjoy a small family get-together. Throw in some cocktails and raise a toast to mom online – this gesture would surely move her.

  • Do Some Cleaning

If you have not moved out and are staying with your parents, you can always help around the house to make your mom’s day lighter. Why not take over the chores and let her watch Netflix instead?

These are some simple but meaningful ways to make your mom feel special on Mother’s Day. Even if you are practicing social distancing, it should not stop you from celebrating the special woman in your life. If you want even more ways to take care of your family, make sure you have the right insurance coverage in place. Contact the experts at Fuller Insurance Agency in Southern California for all your insurance needs.

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