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26 January, 2015 0

Build Your Business’s Disaster Recovery Plan

Safeguard Your Hard Work By Having A Plan For Natural Disasters

When you are in the thick of your workday, planning for a seemingly far-off natural disaster can seem like a low priority. Should the worst happen and disaster strike, however, having implemented a disaster plan will not only protect yourself and your employees but can also decrease loss of income from building closures and minimize expenses required for repairs. To help you get ready, here are some guidelines for natural disaster preparation.

1. Create A Plan: Analyze the possible risks your business will face and create an emergency response plan accordingly. Include emergency contact numbers on the plan so that the right people can be quickly contacted when needed. Make sure that your employees are fully informed on how to execute the plan and that it is posted throughout your building for quick and easy reference in the face of a disaster.

2. Back Everything Up: Whether you store everything digitally or physically, you will need to create copies to ensure your business is able to run smoothly after a fire, flood or other disaster. Consider scanning all hard-copy documents and storing them online so they can be easily accessed from anywhere and protected no matter what happens to your business location.

3. Create Communication Strategies: You will need to inform your clients if your business is temporarily closed due to a natural disaster. Have an email drafted for these situations, and be prepared to post signage around your business property to keep your clients informed.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to ensure a natural disaster does not capsize your business is secure comprehensive business insurance. You would not want rebuilding or covering healthcare expenses after a disaster to deplete your savings and cripple your growth.

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