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Bolster Your Home Insurance with These Policy Endorsements

Address home insurance coverage gaps with these endorsements.

While many homeowners assume that their insurance covers them for everything, this simply isn’t the case.  Just like all other forms of coverage, your homeowners insurance in Los Angeles, California is subject to certain limitations.  As these limits can create dangerous coverage gaps, it’s vital that you take steps to address them.  This is where homeowners insurance endorsements come in.  These supplemental forms of coverage are designed to step in and cover what your standard homeowners policy cannot.  To secure the comprehensive home protection that you need, consider adding these endorsements to your policy.

  • Earthquake Coverage

Standard homeowners insurance will not offer coverage for the damages caused by an earthquake.  The only way to secure this coverage is with an earthquake policy endorsement.  This additional form of insurance will offer coverage for repairs that your home and the additional structures on your property may require after an earthquake.  This coverage will also pay to bring your home up to current building code and for other expenses such as debris removal.

  • Sewer Backup

A sewer backup can cause considerable water damage to your home and can also pose a major health risk to your loved ones.  Unfortunately, standard home insurance will not cover the cost of dealing with sewer backup damage.  However, by securing a sewer backup policy rider, you can secure coverage for water damage and remediation efforts.

  • Home Business Endorsement

If you are running a business out of your home, then your insurance will not cover anything related to your business.  Rather than securing a totally separate business insurance policy, many home insurers offer the chance to secure a home-based business insurance endorsement to cover your business equipment, supplies, and legal liability.

  • Scheduled Personal Property

If you have high-value items that cannot be covered by your standard personal property coverage, then you can secure additional coverage by scheduling these specific items on your home policy.  This will ensure that high-value items such as jewelry, electronics, fine art, and so on are covered for their full value.

Consider securing these endorsements to supplement your homeowners insurance in Los Angeles, California.  Do you need help with your home coverage needs?  If so, then contact the experts at Fuller Insurance Agency in Southern California.  We are ready to assist you today.

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