Easy Flavors To Spice Up Recipes

Aug 03, 2015

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Easy Flavors To Spice Up Recipes

Spice Up Recipes With These Easy Flavor Combos

Ideally, you could step into your kitchen, look at the ingredients you have, and whip up dinner hassle and stress-free. For many of us, though, that sounds like a distant daydream, and we are still relying on recipes and regular trips to the store to help us get through our dinner preparation routine. The good news is that by learning a few flavor combos, dinner can be a snap!

So dinner will be as delicious as it is easy, use these easy flavors to spice up recipes.

With all of these combos, you can use as much of each ingredient as you like but start primarily with the base (always listed first), adding in the pairing and flavor enhancer (always listed last) to taste.   When you have:
  • Chicken breast, use a base of tomatoes, a pairing of basil, and an enhancer of olive oil to zest it up.
  • Grilled meat, use a base of diced watermelon, a pairing of feta cheese, and a sprinkle of mint to add freshness and flavor.
  • Roasted vegetables, stir a base of Dijon mustard together with a pairing of honey and a dash of flavor enhancing cayenne, then drizzle it over your veggies.
  • Raw meat, create a marinade with a base of lime juice, combined with cilantro and a little jalapeno.
  • Fish, top it with plain Greek yogurt stirred with cucumber and a bit of dill for a perfect sauce to spoon over your fillets.
  • Stir fry ingredients, make a base with scallions, ginger, and garlic to fry in your neutral oil with the rest of your ingredients for extra flavor.
We hope these tasty flavor combos help make dinner delicious and life easy for you! To get another thing off your plate so you can focus on dinner, let the pros handle all of your insurance needs in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and the rest of California. Contact Fuller Insurance Agency today!

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