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3 Tips for Dealing with Unhappy Clients

Try out these suggestions for dealing with disgruntled customers.

While you might have the right commercial insurance in Los Angeles, California, your coverage cannot protect your business from everything.  For instance, dealing with customer complaints is something that you will have to address on your own.  Fortunately, there are things that you can do to make dealing with an unhappy customer a little easier.  Here are some of the suggestions that you should keep in mind.

  • Do Not Take Things Personally

It’s important to remember that the client is not angry at you specifically; they are dissatisfied with your company’s performance or quality of service.  Your personal feelings are really beside the point, so don’t take an angry customer’s comments to heart.

  • Allow the Client to Vent

A lot of the time, an unhappy client simply wants to complain.  They do not actually want a solution to the problem; they just want to get whatever is bothering them off their chest.  So, while it may be difficult, do your best to let the client vent without interrupting them with defensive statements or clarifying questions.  Once they have gotten it all out of their system, the client will likely feel better and calmer.  From there, you can evaluate whether or not the client actually wants a solution and work from there.

  • Work Towards an Acceptable Solution

Once you understand the root of the customer’s dissatisfaction, you need to come up with a solution that addresses the core issues.  Ask the client what they think would be a fair solution and try to work off of their proposal.  By addressing the issue in a way that the client sees fit, you can help them feel more satisfied with the ordeal.

These are some of the steps that you can take to deal with disgruntled customers effectively.  Remember, having the right commercial insurance in Los Angeles, California is another important way to deal with the issues that your business faces.  For assistance with your commercial coverage, contact the experts at Fuller Insurance Agency in Southern California today.

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