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3 Essential Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Kids

Pool safety tips for young swimmers.

Now that warm weather is here to stay, you and your family might have plans to keep cool and hit the pool this summer.  While splashing and playing around in the water is a fun way to beat the heat, it’s important to remember that swimming pools can pose a major risk for your kids.  To avoid any scary situations, employ these pool safety tips for young swimmers.

1) Always Supervise Young Swimmers

You should never leave children unsupervised while they are in or near the water.  When your kids are at the pool, you should make sure to keep a keen eye on them.  You should not read, play on your phone, or do any other activities that might distract you from your task.  Even if there is a lifeguard present at the pool, parents should still stay alert.  Lifeguards are responsible for the safety of the entire pool, so there is a chance that they might miss signs of your child struggling.

2) Keep Your Child Away from Drains

When your child is swimming, you should warn them to stay away from drains and suction outlets.  Additionally, you should never let your child enter a pool or spa with a loose, broken, or missing drain cover.  This is because your child’s limbs, hair, jewelry, or bathing suit can get stuck in a drain opening and pull them beneath the surface of the water.  If your child is using a spa, make sure you know where the emergency vacuum shut off is located.

3) Install Safety Barriers

If you have a pool in your own backyard, then it’s important that you install a protective barrier around the perimeter of your pool.  Pool safety experts recommend installing a 4- to 5-foot safety fence around your pool to keep children and pets from entering the water without supervision.  Additionally, your fence should feature a self-closing, self-latching gate to prevent kids and pets from sneaking inside the barrier without you noticing.

Protect your kids this summer by following these pool safety tips for young swimmers.  If you have a pool in your yard, it’s important to have the right home insurance to protect it.  For assistance with all your personal insurance needs, contact the experts at Fuller Insurance Agency in Southern California today.

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