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30 January, 2015 0

Save On Your Premiums By Following These Guidelines

Do Yourself A Favor By Skipping Premium-Increasing Mistakes

When an expert tells you a way you can save money, you listen to him or her, right? Unfortunately, many drivers do not follow this commonly circulated advice and end up paying much more on their auto insurance premiums as a result. Line your wallet this year by using these tips to cut costs on your auto insurance.

o Drive Carefully: It may feel freeing to fly down an open roadway, but that freedom can be quickly stolen away if you get pulled over. If you are caught driving recklessly, it can significantly increase your insurance premiums and even create a problem when searching for jobs. Three traffic violations or more will categorize you as a high-risk driver, which will skyrocket your premiums. Slowing down can fast track your financial success.

o Drive Sober: If you are convicted of a DUI (driving under the influence), you can expect to pay twice as much for your auto insurance. That extra drink is not worth the $10,000 out of pocket you can expect to pay for a DUI conviction plus the increased premiums you will pay for years to come.

o Drive Covered: Skipping your insurance payments may seem like no big deal, especially when compared to the above mistakes that can endanger lives. Doing so, however, can cost you as reports that a 60-day lapse in coverage will result in an 11 percent increase in the cost of coverage. The good news is after 6 months of continuous coverage you can expect to see your rates drop down to normal levels.

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