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home garage, consider making these garage upgrades

Increase Your Home’s Value by Upgrading Your Garage

Consider making these garage upgrades.

When you think of increasing your home’s value, you might think of renovating your kitchen or installing new appliances.  However, have you ever considered updating your garage?  While you might think of your garage as a place to store your car, it can actually be so much more.  Consider making these garage upgrades to give your home’s value a boost.

  • Install an Automatic Garage Door

If your garage door is made of heavy wood and must be opened manually, then this can deter potential homebuyers.  This is why you should install a lightweight aluminum door that opens automatically.  When choosing a new garage door, make sure you choose a color that compliments your home’s paint to increase your curb appeal.

  • Keep Things Organized

While your garage makes the perfect storage space, it’s important that you keep things organized, especially if you are showing your home to potential buyers.  If homebuyers see a garage that is cluttered and overcrowded, they might develop a negative opinion and think that your home lacks adequate storage space.  To keep your garage looking neat, consider installing shelves along the walls of your garage and pack your belongings into labeled plastic containers.  When homebuyers walk in and see a neat and open garage space, they will think of your home more positively.

  • Add More Electrical Outlets

If you do not have enough electrical outlets in your garage, then hire an electrician to install two waterproof outlets per garage wall, for a total of six.  Adding electrical outlets into your garage space will make it more versatile and give potential homebuyers options for what they want to do with the space.

Consider making these garage upgrades to increase the value of your home.  Even if you are planning to sell, it’s important that you have the right homeowners insurance protections in place.  For assistance with all your home coverage needs, contact the team at Fuller Insurance Agency in Southern California today.

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