12 February, 2019 0
Why Do You Need the Protection Offered by Renters Insurance?, why you should consider securing renters insurance

Why Do You Need the Protection Offered by Renters Insurance?

Here’s why you should consider securing renters insurance. If you are currently renting a home or apartment, then you may think that you don’t have a need for insurance.  However, this isn’t the case.  While it’s true that you are not responsible for the physical structure of your rented space, you still need to take…

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9 August, 2018 0
college students need this insurance coverage

College Students, Don’t Miss Out on These Insurance Policies

Here are some of the insurance coverages that you should secure before heading off to college. If you are attending college this fall, then it’s important that you are ready to handle everything that may come your way.  One of the best ways to be prepared is by having the right insurance coverages in place. …

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29 May, 2018 0
protections offered by renters insurance

How Renters Insurance Protects More than Just Your Belongings

Renters insurance offers more protection than you might think. When people decide to forgo getting renters insurance in Los Angeles, California, it’s usually because they feel that they have nothing valuable to protect.  However, it’s important to understand that renters insurance actually includes coverages that protect more than just a policyholder’s personal possessions.  Here are…

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