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11 June, 2020 0
life insurance during the coronavirus

The Best Way to Get Life Insurance During COVID- 19

COVID- 19 has shaken the world to the core. In such circumstances, now is the perfect time to get life insurance. Why Life Insurance? Life insurance is significant as it shields your loved ones in your absence with non-taxable monetary relief. With a comprehensive plan in place, you know that your dependents will be financially taken…

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2 June, 2020 0
tips for managing money

Tips for Managing Money During COVID-19

With the coronavirus pandemic, the world is at a standstill. The unprecedented crisis has made us worry about a lot of things, mainly our health and our financial stability. With so much uncertainty everywhere, you should be aware of some COVID- 19 money management tips to stay afloat during and after the pandemic. Cut Unnecessary…

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16 April, 2020 0
couple reviewing insurance policy, what to know about joint life insurance

What is Joint Life Insurance?

Why couples should consider securing a joint life insurance policy. Once you are married and getting ready to have children, life insurance in Los Angeles becomes a necessity.  However, if you and your partner do not want to get individual policies, then joint life insurance might be a great option for you.  Here is what…

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19 March, 2020 0
man looking at paper while at home desk, why singles need life insurance too

Circumstances Where a Single Person Might Need Life Insurance

Why single people still need life insurance coverage. When you think about life insurance in Los Angeles, you probably imagine it in relation to parents with young children.  While it’s true that most people do not need life insurance until they have a family depending on them, there are some situations in which single individuals…

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27 February, 2020 0
family walking on beach, increase your life insurance coverage in response to a raise

Why A Raise at Work Should Lead to an Increase in Life Insurance Coverage

Why you should increase your life insurance coverage in response to a raise. If you’ve just gotten a raise, then you now have access to a better quality of life.  As your standard of living improves, your family’s expectations will increase.  To ensure that your family’s lifestyle isn’t affected in the event of your death,…

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