19 March, 2020 0
man looking at paper while at home desk, why singles need life insurance too

Circumstances Where a Single Person Might Need Life Insurance

Why single people still need life insurance coverage. When you think about life insurance in Los Angeles, you probably imagine it in relation to parents with young children.  While it’s true that most people do not need life insurance until they have a family depending on them, there are some situations in which single individuals…

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27 February, 2020 0
family walking on beach, increase your life insurance coverage in response to a raise

Why A Raise at Work Should Lead to an Increase in Life Insurance Coverage

Why you should increase your life insurance coverage in response to a raise. If you’ve just gotten a raise, then you now have access to a better quality of life.  As your standard of living improves, your family’s expectations will increase.  To ensure that your family’s lifestyle isn’t affected in the event of your death,…

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14 January, 2020 0
family at the beach, life insurance facts may be surprising

What You May Not Have Known About Life Insurance

These life insurance facts may be surprising. Life insurance is one of the least understood types of coverage out there.  While most adults know that they need this form of insurance, that’s usually where their knowledge ends.  If you do not know very much about this essential coverage, then these life insurance facts may be…

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29 August, 2019 0
parents and child waking on beach, life insurance for women

Why Women Can’t Skip on Life Insurance Coverage

Here are some of the reasons why women can’t afford to skip out on life insurance. While most people recognize the importance of having life insurance in Los Angeles, California, you may be surprised to learn that only 56% of women have a policy. This is 10% less than their male counterparts.  Not only do…

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23 August, 2018 0
protecting your spouse with life insurace

The Importance of Life Insurance for Newlyweds

Are you a newlywed?  Then here’s why you cannot afford to miss out on life insurance. If you’ve just gotten married, then securing the right life insurance in Los Angeles, California is probably one of the last things on your mind.  However, now that you have a life partner to worry about, it’s important that…

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