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10 June, 2021 0
Home Insurance Premiums

Understanding How Home Insurance Premiums Are Calculated

In the U.S., the average annual cost of homeowners insurance is about $1,300. The actual cost varies from one policyholder to another depending on factors such as home value, size of coverage, and the risks involved. Read on to understand how insurers calculate your home insurance premiums. How Are Homeowners Insurance Premiums Calculated? To calculate…

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18 March, 2021 0
Home Insurance Cover Moving

Will My Home Insurance Cover Moving Damages?

Moving to a new location can be stressful, but what happens if the moving truck gets in an accident? Many homeowners may wonder if home insurance covers moving disasters. It’s important to remember every insurance company determines its own coverage parameters, so you may get different answers from different agents. Here are important points to…

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8 October, 2020 0

Halloween Proof Your Home for a Wholesome Halloween Experience

As fun as trick-or-treaters could be, Halloween is often an open invitation to dark forces of vandalism and other similar troubles. The key to reducing this risk of property damage is to make your home “Halloween proof.” The first and foremost step you should take while Halloween proofing your home is to review your homeowners…

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17 September, 2020 0
home insurance for work from home

Working From Home? Here’s the Insurance You Need

Working from home used to be everyone’s ideal dream job. In the past few months, many people have gotten the opportunity to live that dream. While the convenience of working from home awards several benefits, there are also many challenges when it comes to earning money from home and finding the right balance between home…

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