24 December, 2019 0
holding toy home and piggy bank, save on home insurance this winter

What You Can Do to Reduce Home Insurance Costs this Winter

Avoid common homeowners insurance claims this winter. While winter might make you think of holiday fun, insurance professionals know that winter is a time of increased risk for homeowners.  This is because the winter months see a higher rate of weather-related damage, home robberies, and liability issues.  While having the right homeowners insurance in Los…

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5 December, 2019 0
holiday lights, home decorating safety tips

Tips to Decorate Your Home Without Damage or Injuries

Stay safe with these holiday decorating tips. As the holidays approach, decorating your home is a great way to get into a festive mood.  While putting up holiday decorations is a fun way to kick off the season, it’s important to remember that decorating your home does pose certain risks.  While having the right homeowners…

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3 December, 2019 0
hot tea next to snowy window, precautions to prevent winter weather damage

How Homeowners Can Prevent Winter Weather Damage to Their Property

Take these precautions to prevent winter weather damage. During the winter months, homeowners experience some of the worst weather they will see all year.  Naturally, this bad weather can lead to serious damage to your home.  Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to protect your property.  Take these precautions to prevent winter weather…

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12 November, 2019 0
sticky notes with questions marks on them, insurance review questions

Ask These Questions During Your Yearly Insurance Review

What to ask when reviewing your home insurance. At least once a year, you should look through your various insurance policies to ensure that they re offering you enough coverage to meet your needs.  However, many policyholders are not sure what they are looking for when it comes time to review their homeowners insurance in…

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7 November, 2019 0
smoke detector, commonly forgotten homeownership tasks

Did You Know About These Important Homeownership Tasks?

Commonly forgotten homeownership tasks. As a homeowner, you are responsible for keeping your property in good order and protecting your home, belongings, and loved ones.  While you work hard to keep up with repairs and maintenance tasks, there are many other overlooked ways to care for your home.  Make sure you keep up with these…

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