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7 April, 2020 0
female interviewer, small business hiring tips

Tips to Help Small Businesses Hire New Employees

Hiring strategies for small businesses. Aside from commercial insurance in Los Angeles, good employees are your business’s biggest assets.  This is why, when it’s time to hire a new staff member, you want to do things right.  Unfortunately, the recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding processes can be time-consuming and expensive.  To make the hiring process easier…

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24 March, 2020 0
green piggy bank standing on a calculator, affordable cybersecurity tips for new businesses

Secure Your Startup Without Breaking the Bank

How you can protect your business while on a budget. Now that you’ve finally gotten your business off the ground, you might feel on top of the world.  However, there are plenty of people who would love to drag you back down.  Whether it be jealous competition or cybercriminals looking to capitalize on your success,…

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17 March, 2020 0
business man hitting butting that reads "liability," understanding professional liability and E&O insurance

Is There a Difference Between Professional Liability and E&O Insurance?

Is there a difference between professional liability and errors and omissions insurance? As a business owner, you know how important it is to secure the right commercial insurance in Los Angeles.  As you discuss your coverage needs with your insurance agent, they may bring up professional liability and/or E&O insurance (errors and omissions insurance).  But…

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5 March, 2020 0
female business owner running a team meeting, tips for aspiring female business owners

Tips for Prospective Female Business Owners

Tips for aspiring female business owners. If you are a female entrepreneur trying to get your venture off the ground, then you may be feeling overwhelmed as you try to break into the male-dominated world of business.  However, your gender is certainly not something that should hold you back.  To get your company up and…

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18 February, 2020 0
business paperwork, commonly forgotten business risks

Watch Out for These Commonly Forgotten Business Risks

Protect your business from these commonly overlooked risks. Business owners know that their companies face a considerable number of risks.  While threats such as theft and employee injuries are at the forefront of your mind, you may inadvertently overlook other dangers.  Having the right commercial insurance in Los Angeles, California, can help you protect your…

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