16 January, 2020 0
new year goals written on chalkboard, grow your business by setting these resolutions.

Set These New Year’s Resolutions for Business Success

Grow your business by setting these resolutions. While you may have set new year’s resolutions for your personal improvement, have you made any to make your business more successful?  This year, stop holding your company back and grow your business by setting these resolutions. Delegate More As a small business owner, you are probably still…

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19 December, 2019 0
person looking over contract, understanding certificates of insurance

How Do You Decipher Certificate of Insurance Forms?

How to read certificate of insurance forms. As a business owner, you may need to hire a contractor to work for your company.  In this situation, you need to verify that the contractor is carrying the right commercial insurance in Los Angeles, California, to cover their own liability issues and worker injuries.  Contractors confirm their…

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12 December, 2019 0
company holiday party, plan your holiday party

Try Out These Tips for Planning a Great Company Holiday Party

How to plan your holiday party. Throwing a company party is a great way to get into the holiday spirit and reward your employees for all the hard work they’ve done this year.  However, for your party to be successful, you have a lot of planning and coordination to take care of.  Not sure where…

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10 December, 2019 0
group pf coworkers doing a cheers

Why You Need Host Liquor Liability Insurance for Your Company Party

How host liquor liability coverage can protect your company from party-related risks. If you are like many other business owners, then you may be planning on hosting a holiday party for your employees.  While holiday parties are all about celebrating and encouraging team bonding, it’s important to remember that company parties do come with certain…

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21 November, 2019 0
fleet of commercial vans, costly mistakes for fleet managers

Oversights That Can Be Costly for Fleet Managers

Don’t make these mistakes if you run a shipping business. As a fleet manager, your business relies on the safety and efficiency of your drivers.  However, as the pressure to meet delivery deadlines mounts, your drivers may be more likely to make risky decisions that put themselves and others at risk.  While having the right…

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