30 July, 2020 0
small business insurance claims

Lookout for These Insurance Claim Mistakes as a Small Business Owner

Running your small business comes with its share of risks and uncertainties. Although insurance can help in transferring this risk, business owners may make several mistakes while claiming for the reimbursement. As a result, you could face delays, or worse, the compensation may not come at all. Here are the most common small business owners’ mistakes that…

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10 July, 2020 0
rebuilding your business after COVID- 19

Rebuilding Your Small Business after a Pandemic

The COVID- 19 outbreak has changed the entire world. It has affected small business owners the most, so rebuilding your business after COVID- 19 may be quite challenging. The NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business) says that about 92% of the small businesses have been negatively impacted due to the pandemic. Therefore, these businesses need to plan for…

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23 June, 2020 0
business insurance cancellation

Why You Should Not Cancel Your Business Insurance

If you had to shut down your business due to COVID- 19, you might have considered cancelling your business insurance to cut costs. However, this might put you at a higher financial risk as opposed to paying the existing premium. Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t cancel insurance for your business: 1. You Will Not…

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18 June, 2020 0
commercial insurance for freelancers

Here’s Why Freelancers Should Buy Commercial Insurance

Working as a freelancer comes with a variety of perks – flexible work hours, your own rate card, and the freedom to work out of any place. Moreover, depending on your clientele, you end up earning much more than you would in a corporation or an agency. But self-employment does not mean that you don’t…

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19 May, 2020 0
crime prevention for business

Crime Prevention Tips for Businesses During the COVID- 19 Outbreak

The COVID- 19 outbreak has unleashed a major health crisis across the world! More than 3 million infections have been detected, and this number is expected to rise in the future. As such, numerous micro, small, and medium businesses have had to suffer. In the last few months, these businesses have faced both economic loss…

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COVID-19 Update:

We remain committed to our insureds during these unprecedented and uncertain times as the COVID – 19 spreads throughout our country. Should you need to make a payment or report a claim after hours, please view our payment and claims tabs. We hope you and your families are healthy and safe.