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24 April, 2015 0

Staying Safe In The Face Of Road Rage

Avoiding Accidents When Dealing With Aggressive Driving Knowing human nature, it is highly likely that road rage has been around since the days of horses and buggies. As cars have gotten faster, though, it has become increasingly dangerous. Whether you suffer from the tendency towards aggressive driving yourself or have only been the victim of…

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27 March, 2015 0

Automatic vs. Manual Cars

Which Will Best Serve Your Needs? When you are making the decision about which car you will buy next, one of the most important factors is whether you will choose a manual or automatic transmission car. This decision brings you to a junction, as whichever you choose will determine your options moving forward. Because buying…

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16 February, 2015 0

Home & Auto Maintenance Tips

Use This Guide To Keep Your Biggest Investments In Top Shape This Winter You have invested significant money in your vehicles and your home. In fact, these are probably the most important purchases you will ever make. Consequently, maintaining them should be a priority. Because sometimes life just gets in the way, having a checklist…

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23 January, 2015 0

Do You Have The Auto Insurance Coverage You Deserve?

An Independent Agency Can Help You Get The Best Coverage For The Best Pricing Have you noticed that the cost of your auto insurance seems to be increasing? Unfortunately, this is a phenomenon happening across the industry. How do you combat it? By calling in the experts- a team of independent insurance agents who can…

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9 January, 2015 0

Get Winter Ready With These Tips

Use These Guidelines To Protect Against Winter Weather Even in comparatively balmy Southern California, we see inclement weather in the winter months. Take December’s deluge of rain for example- not only did it drive us indoors but it lead to serious traffic accidents and even mudslides. Are you prepared to face the changing seasons? Use…

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