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25 March, 2021 0
Buying A Car

Planning to Buy a Car? Here Are a Few Things that You Need to Know

Buying a car is a memorable and exciting moment, but you can’t afford to forget about getting the right insurance. Coverage rates vary based on what type of vehicle you purchase, where you live, and several other factors. Here are important points to know about different scenarios involving car insurance for a new car before…

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11 March, 2021 0
Buying Insurance Online Vs Agent

Understanding the Difference Between Finding Car Insurance Online and Offline

Many people search for car insurance online because it’s more convenient than driving around looking for agents across town. While the internet is a great resource for narrowing down choices, talking with an agent directly on the phone, via email, or in-person gives you deeper insights on policies and offers a more in-depth coverage comparison.…

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7 January, 2021 0
auto insurance covid 19

How Has COVID-19 Affected the Auto Insurance Industry?

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on society and businesses. The impact on the auto insurance industry was discussed in detail at a 2020 American Academy of Actuaries Annual Meeting. Pulling information from the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) research, the meeting highlighted the following important points. Insurance Claim Spikes During the Pandemic Triple-I estimates that…

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30 December, 2020 0

What You Should Expect During a Car Insurance Claim

In any automobile accident, the failure to receive fair compensation for auto repair costs magnifies the victim’s agony. Yet, understanding and following simple car insurance claim rules can help streamline the claims process and ensure that you receive the settlement you deserve on time. Here’s a brief overview of what to expect if you are…

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23 December, 2020 0

Tips to Help You Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium

The best route to a lower car premium is to become a better driver. Many people might say, “I’m already a good driver,” but they should also consider insurance rates are based heavily on driving behavior. Getting tickets and accidents on your driving record can take a toll on insurance rates. Here are essential tips…

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