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3 March, 2020 0
social security cards under a warning to protect your identity, identity theft

Does Home Insurance Protect Against Identity Theft?

Understanding your home insurance coverage and identity theft. Identity theft is becoming a major epidemic in the U.S.  In fact, a 2018 report revealed that 16.7 million people were victims of identity theft in 2017, resulting in over $16.8 billion in losses.  With these startling statistics in mind, many homeowners wonder if they have coverage…

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27 February, 2020 0
family walking on beach, increase your life insurance coverage in response to a raise

Why A Raise at Work Should Lead to an Increase in Life Insurance Coverage

Why you should increase your life insurance coverage in response to a raise. If you’ve just gotten a raise, then you now have access to a better quality of life.  As your standard of living improves, your family’s expectations will increase.  To ensure that your family’s lifestyle isn’t affected in the event of your death,…

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20 February, 2020 0
person using smartphone, spend less time on your phone

What You Could Do Instead of Being on Your Phone

Spend less time on your phone with these suggestions. Surveys show that the average American spends over 4 hours a day on their phone.  This means that, by the end of the week, you have wasted over a day scrolling through social media, watching videos, playing mobile games, and so on.  Want to break your…

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18 February, 2020 0
business paperwork, commonly forgotten business risks

Watch Out for These Commonly Forgotten Business Risks

Protect your business from these commonly overlooked risks. Business owners know that their companies face a considerable number of risks.  While threats such as theft and employee injuries are at the forefront of your mind, you may inadvertently overlook other dangers.  Having the right commercial insurance in Los Angeles, California, can help you protect your…

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13 February, 2020 0
polishing car, car maintenance mistakes

Make Sure You Avoid These Car Maintenance Mistakes

Keep your car in good condition by avoiding these car maintenance mistakes. If you own a car, then you are responsible for taking care of it.  Unfortunately, many car owners get lazy when it comes to car maintenance.  While this may not cause issues at first, over time, your negligence can result in serious issues. …

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