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19 March, 2020 0
man looking at paper while at home desk, why singles need life insurance too

Circumstances Where a Single Person Might Need Life Insurance

Why single people still need life insurance coverage. When you think about life insurance in Los Angeles, you probably imagine it in relation to parents with young children.  While it’s true that most people do not need life insurance until they have a family depending on them, there are some situations in which single individuals…

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17 March, 2020 0
business man hitting butting that reads "liability," understanding professional liability and E&O insurance

Is There a Difference Between Professional Liability and E&O Insurance?

Is there a difference between professional liability and errors and omissions insurance? As a business owner, you know how important it is to secure the right commercial insurance in Los Angeles.  As you discuss your coverage needs with your insurance agent, they may bring up professional liability and/or E&O insurance (errors and omissions insurance).  But…

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12 March, 2020 0
young men driving a car, when do kids need their own auto insurance?

When Do You Need to Get Off Your Parents’ Auto Policy?

How long before you need your own auto policy? Most young drivers start out on their parents’ auto insurance policy because it is the easiest, most affordable coverage option.  However, what happens as you grow up and start to become independent?  Can you still maintain coverage under your parents’ policy?  Here’s what you need to…

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10 March, 2020 0
inside of a rented apartment, important things to think about when securing renters insurance

Important Considerations for Your Renters Insurance

Important things to think about when securing renters insurance. If you are living in a rented home or apartment, then you need renters insurance to protect your personal belongings and personal liability.  When you secure this coverage, there are several factors that you should weigh.  Here are some of the important things to think about…

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5 March, 2020 0
female business owner running a team meeting, tips for aspiring female business owners

Tips for Prospective Female Business Owners

Tips for aspiring female business owners. If you are a female entrepreneur trying to get your venture off the ground, then you may be feeling overwhelmed as you try to break into the male-dominated world of business.  However, your gender is certainly not something that should hold you back.  To get your company up and…

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