5 September, 2019 0
apartment buildings, protection offered by renters insurance

Why It’s Beneficial to Carry Renters Insurance

Why you shouldn’t skip out on renters coverage. When you rent a home or apartment, your landlord is responsible for any damages that the structure may sustain. Because of this, many renters do not feel the need to secure the proper insurance coverage. However, having the right renters insurance in Los Angeles, California, comes with…

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3 September, 2019 0
home repair man, protect your home and avoid insurance claims

Prevent Damage and Avoid Filing Home Insurance Claims

Protect your home and avoid insurance claims. As a homeowner, you are responsible for protecting your home from damage. Unfortunately, there are many common sources of damage that you need to watch out for. However, by staying vigilant and keeping up with routine maintenance, you can protect your home and avoid insurance claims. Here are…

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29 August, 2019 0
parents and child waking on beach, life insurance for women

Why Women Can’t Skip on Life Insurance Coverage

Here are some of the reasons why women can’t afford to skip out on life insurance. While most people recognize the importance of having life insurance in Los Angeles, California, you may be surprised to learn that only 56% of women have a policy. This is 10% less than their male counterparts.  Not only do…

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27 August, 2019 0
lit up modem, precautions you should take when using public Wi-Fi networks

Safety Tips for Connecting with and Using Public Wi-Fi Networks

Here are some of the precautions you should take when using public Wi-Fi networks. Today, it’s pretty easy to find a Wi-Fi connection to connect to.  However, just because these connections are readily available doesn’t mean that they are safe to use.  In fact, there are many risks associated with connecting to and using these…

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22 August, 2019 0
person calling insurer after car accident, what to do when filing a car insurance claim

Dos and Don’ts for Your Auto Insurance Claim

What you should and shouldn’t do when filing an auto insurance claim. Many drivers do not know what to do when it comes to filing a claim with their auto insurance in Los Angeles, California.  While the whole process may seem overwhelming, it’s actually pretty straightforward so long as you know what you should and…

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