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home and front yard, affordable ways to improve your home’s security

How You Can Make Your Home Safer While on a Budget

Affordable ways to improve your home’s security. As a homeowner, you want to do everything in your power to protect your home, loved ones, and guests.  Fortunately, there are many cost-effective things that you can do to make your home safer.  Try out these affordable ways to improve your home’s security. Perform Regular Yardwork Taking…

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23 May, 2019 0
kebabs on a grill, grill safely this holiday weekend

3 Grilling Tips for a Safe Memorial Day

Suggestions to help you grill safely this holiday weekend. If you’re planning on firing up your grill this Memorial Day, then it’s important that you keep the safety of your home and loved ones in mind.  While cooking up some burgers and hot dogs doesn’t sound very dangerous, grilling accidents account for approximately 8,900 home…

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21 May, 2019 0
barbecue party, try out this tasty recipe this Memorial Day

Prepare this Delicious Dish this Memorial Day Weekend

Try out this tasty recipe this Memorial Day. With the holiday weekend coming up, you might be planning on having a cookout, picnic, or another type of party.  No matter what you have planned for this weekend, make sure that delicious food is part of your celebration.  Try out this tasty recipe this Memorial Day.…

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16 May, 2019 0
home on a stack of money, what to know about your home coverage

3 Essential Things to Know About Your Home Insurance

Important things to know about your home insurance policy. If you’ve just secured homeowners insurance in Los Angeles, California, then you might believe that your work is done.  However, this isn’t exactly the case.  After receiving their policies, homeowners need to review them for key pieces of information.  Here are three of the essential things…

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14 May, 2019 0
cars in a lot, most reliable cars of 2019

Ranking of the Most Reliable Cars of 2019

The most reliable cars of 2019. If you are looking for a new car, then reliability is probably a major consideration.  To help you narrow down your selection, J.D. Power ranks the most reliable car manufacturers and cars of the year.  Here is their list of the most reliable cars of 2019. 20 Most Reliable…

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