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12 November, 2020 0
thanksgiving safety tips

Safety Tips for Homeowners to Stay Safer This Thanksgiving

Despite the fun surrounding Thanksgiving, this traditional holiday is one of the most dangerous days of the year for homeowners. Many people are aware that holidays generally generate more traffic accidents than usual, so they stay home as a solution to be safe. But home accidents often spike on Thanksgiving due to cooking fires, drunkenness…

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5 November, 2020 0
tips for defensive driving

Defensive Driving Tips to Maintain Safety on the Road

Driving on city streets or highways requires defensive driving to maximize safety. Engaging in activities such as speeding or sharp turns can put you and others at risk of getting into an accident, being cited, and paying higher insurance premiums. Here are a few essential defensive driving tips to help maintain a clean record and…

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22 October, 2020 0
homeowners insurance myths

Homeowners, Are You Aware of These Myths About Homeowners Insurance?

The subject of homeowners insurance often gets overlooked by new home buyers. Before you rush out and purchase your dream home, be aware of homeowners’ insurance myths known to cause confusion. Here are 3 common homeowners insurance myths to review so you can avoid high-cost surprises. 1. Disaster Coverage Myths Several common myths about homeowner…

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15 October, 2020 0

5 Tips to Make Your Teen a Safe Driver

Every person behind the steering wheel should always endeavor to become safer drivers, especially teenagers. The more you help them practice safe driving and keep their record free of accidents and violations, the lower your insurance costs will be. Here are 5 essential tips on safer driving that you can pass along to new teen…

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8 October, 2020 0

Halloween Proof Your Home for a Wholesome Halloween Experience

As fun as trick-or-treaters could be, Halloween is often an open invitation to dark forces of vandalism and other similar troubles. The key to reducing this risk of property damage is to make your home “Halloween proof.” The first and foremost step you should take while Halloween proofing your home is to review your homeowners…

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