20 May, 2020 0
Colorful Spring Salad Recipe

Colorful Spring Salad Recipe

Snow peas, asparagus, watercress, strawberries, beets – these are some of the most nutritious spring vegetables and fruits that must be on your menu, thanks to their delicious taste and amazing health benefits. If you are looking for fresh spring recipe ideas, this Warm Spring Salad recipe will certainly satisfy your taste buds. Warm Spring…

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19 May, 2020 0
crime prevention for business

Crime Prevention Tips for Businesses During the COVID- 19 Outbreak

The COVID- 19 outbreak has unleashed a major health crisis across the world! More than 3 million infections have been detected, and this number is expected to rise in the future. As such, numerous micro, small, and medium businesses have had to suffer. In the last few months, these businesses have faced both economic loss…

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14 May, 2020 0
sanitizing the surface

Quick Tips to Disinfect Your Home and Belongings During COVID- 19

In the last few months, the spread of COVID- 19 is on the rise. When it comes to controlling COVID- 19, disinfecting and cleaning your belongings at home is a crucial yet straightforward, preventive step. With the following guidelines, you can easily begin disinfecting your home and stay safe from COVID-19. Start Cleaning Every Day…

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12 May, 2020 0
a girl working from home

Tips to Work from Home During the COVID- 19 Outbreak

With the COVID- 19 pandemic spreading far and wide, we have found ourselves at a standstill. Whether you are employed by a small business, a medium-level enterprise, a multi-national corporation, or operating as a freelancer, working from home during COVID- 19 has now attained the status of being the new normal. So, here’s how you…

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7 May, 2020 0
women meditating her eyes

The Ultimate Guide to Relieving Stress at Work

Stress in the workplace is considered one of the greatest causes of physical and mental health problems. Not only does it lower your concentration and exhaust your energy level, but it also induces continuous headaches, alters your sleeping pattern, increases health risks, and triggers clinical depression. If you’ve been going through prolonged professional stress, here…

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COVID-19 Update:

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