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23 February, 2015 0

Banish “Energy Vampires” To Save Money

Cut Costs By Cutting Off Power To These Devices If you are like most of us, you see paying your electricity bill as a necessary evil. No, you do not want to give money away for something you can neither see nor touch, but when the power goes out you suddenly become extremely grateful for…

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20 February, 2015 0

Boost Productivity By Organizing Your Office

Use These Tips To Declutter Your Workplace As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to improve productivity. One free change you can make is working to increase organization in your office. You may think that decluttering your office is a low-priority item, but Brother International Corporation reports that each employee wastes about…

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16 February, 2015 0

Home & Auto Maintenance Tips

Use This Guide To Keep Your Biggest Investments In Top Shape This Winter You have invested significant money in your vehicles and your home. In fact, these are probably the most important purchases you will ever make. Consequently, maintaining them should be a priority. Because sometimes life just gets in the way, having a checklist…

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13 February, 2015 0

Heart Healthy Recipe For American Heart Month

Whip Up This Sesame Shrimp Salad To Serve Your Heart You have likely been bombarded with heart-shaped candies, cards, and other items in preparation for Valentine’s Day. Let these hearts serve to turn your attention to the fact that February is American Heart Month. This month is intended to bring awareness to the fact that…

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Helping Seniors Have a Wonderful Winter

Slippery sidewalks. Freezing temperatures. Power outages. Winter isn’t always a wonderland. If you regularly lend a hand to a senior friend or family member here in California, it may be a good time of the year to provide some extra support. Read on to learn some ways you may be able to help. Preventing Falls…

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