15 August, 2019 0
palm trees caught in a storm, help your business after a natural disaster

How to Help Your Business Recover from a Natural Disaster

Here are some of the things you should do to help your business recover after a natural disaster. Natural disasters can strike suddenly and leave chaos and devastation in their wake.  Unfortunately, if your business gets caught up in this destruction, it can seem like recovery is impossible.  Fortunately, there are things that you can…

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13 August, 2019 0
red business closed sign, handle a business interruption

What to Do to Deal with Business Interruptions

How to handle a business interruption event. During a business interruption, your company will not have revenue coming in as usual.  Naturally, business owners want to work past interruptions as soon as possible.  Not sure how you can help this process go faster?  Then here’s how you should handle a business interruption event. Evacuation Plan:…

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8 August, 2019 0
tool belt, do not procrastinate on these home repairs

Why You Can’t Ignore These Home Repairs

Do not procrastinate on these home repairs. As a homeowner, there’s a lot of responsibility on your plate.  When you notice a seemingly minor issue with your home, you may be tempted to leave it for later.  However, there are certain home repairs that are risky to wait on.  If you want to avoid potentially…

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6 August, 2019 0
close-up of handshake with a home in the background, save money on your home insurance

Making Your First Home Policy Affordable

Try out these suggestions to make your homeowners insurance more affordable. If you are a first-time homebuyer, then you are probably feeling a little strapped for cash.  At this point, the last thing that you want is to pay a ton for your homeowners insurance in Los Angeles, California.  Fortunately, there are several things that…

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30 July, 2019 0
mobile home in woods, key things to know about your mobile home coverage

Essential Things to Know About Mobile Home Insurance

Key things to know about your mobile home coverage. Mobile homes require insurance coverage just like traditional homes.  While many mobile home coverages are the same as those found in standard home policies, there are some unique differences as well.  To ensure that you understand your insurance, here are some of the key things to…

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