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3 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Home Insurance

Learn more about your policy by asking these questions.

While you may know that you need to secure homeowners insurance in Los Angeles, California, there’s a good chance that you do not really understand what this coverage entails.  To ensure that you understand your home policy, here are some of the questions that you should ask when shopping for the right homeowners coverage.

1) What is the difference between replacement cost and actual cost value coverage?

Replacement cost and actual cash value refer to your personal property coverage options.  Homeowners insurance policies that offer replacement cost coverage will offer compensation up to the item’s original value.  Policies that offer actual cost value coverage will offer compensation for the item’s value adjusted for depreciation.

2) What are the most common coverage exclusions?

All types of insurance have limits, and your homeowners insurance is no different.  Standard home insurance policies will exclude coverage for the damages associated with floods, earthquakes, mud and landslides, pest infestations, and sewer backups.  Keep in mind that every policy is different, so speak to your insurer to learn about your specific exclusions.

3) How much does home insurance cost?

The cost of your homeowners insurance is dependent on a variety of personal factors.  For instance, insurers will consider your home’s location, square footage, and age along with the cost of rebuilding your home and your personal claims history when determining your rates.

These are some of the questions that you should ask when shopping for homeowners insurance in Los Angeles, California.  Do you need help securing the right home coverage to meet your needs and your budget?  If so, then turn to the experts at Fuller Insurance Agency in Southern California.  We are ready to assist you with all your home coverage needs today.

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